Cyberpunk Rock Knows No Borders

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For Immediate Release

Contact: 323-644-1762 (US),
011-52 (6) 6789571 (cell phone, Mexico)

Alexei Shulgin and his 386 DX Cyberpunk band will perform at the US/Mexican border on Saturday December 18, 1999 at 6:00 PM.

The internationally renowned artist from Russia was invited to perform at Tijuana Media Center, Cinematik ( Due to strict American visa constraints and complicated immigration bureaucracy, the only way for his performance to reach Mexico is through a crack in the fence at the border.

At 6:00 PM this Saturday evening, all are invited to join Shulgin and his 386 DX Cyberpunk band perform across the border. The band consists of a single old computer which sings rock'n'roll hits and features a multimedia light show extravaganza. Come to the border to witness the start of a new era in which computers are replacing humans at all levels, with or without borders.

Shulgin will perform on the manicured lawn of Border Fields State Park, in the company of the uniformed gun-slinging men and women of the US Border Patrol, who will likely be patrolling the area for illegal Mexican immigrants. It is expected that the Patrol will execute a synchronous "ballet" for Shulgin's music by driving their distinctive white and green vehicles in the Tijuana river floodplain behind the artist.

Since borders have become more permeable for products and less passable for people, Shulgin's computer is allowed to travel freely between Mexico and the USA without a visa, but Shulgin must remain behind the chain-link fence that separates his hosting country, the land of equal opportunity, from Mexico.

This Saturday evening Shulgin's 386 DX computer will be in Mexico. Assistants will hand Shulgin his keyboard (and the occasional taco) through a crack in the fence. All are welcome to attend in either the USA at Border Fields State Park or in Mexico at Las Playas de Tijuana (at El Saro, where the Pacific Ocean and the border meet).

To get to Border Fields State Park on the US side, take Dairy Mart road (second of last exit on I-5) west until you arrive at the beach. In Mexico, take the Ensenada Highway west along the fence, get off at Las Playas, drive west to the beach, and then north to the fence.